Johannesburg International Motor Show 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011
The 2011 Johannesburg International Motor Show recently came to town. It was held at the Johannesburg Expo Centre in Nasrec, the south of Johannesburg and took place from the 6th to the 16th of October 2011.

Hubby and I went on the last day of the exhibition to have a look.

A lot of the dealerships (i.e. Honda, BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc.) were at the exhibition to showcase the best and the finest in their collections. There were also some old cars on show but the concentration of the exhibition is mostly on the newer and more technologised offerings.

The nice thing of course is that hubby and I got to ride in the cars of our dreams and the others that were not even in our dreams yet, hahaha......

From watching one too many times of The Italian Job, I've settled quite nicely into the Mini Cooper S. I've always thought that this was gonna be my car, even if it was just for the few minutes. Yeah, can call me Mrs Bean, LOL. Although this car looks nothing like Mr Bean's.

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