Record Me, Rolling In The Deep

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another item on my bucket list achieved! I am chuffed. Just over a month ago, I got my lifelong dream to record my first ever song in a recording studio. And was it an experience of a lifetime! I tell you, it was truly a magical moment.

A few months ago, the offer came up on Groupon to buy an hour of studio time at a relatively cheap price. I grabbed at the chance. After all, who knows when this kind of deal was gonna come up again?

I booked my studio date way ahead although I had not chosen my track at the time. I was debating on going with an old ballad or a new one, fast or slow song, etc. And I just couldn't decide. Left it for the time being.

In the end, I chose "Rolling In The Deep". Of course, the song "Rolling In The Deep" is not my own song entirely. The song is made famous by Adele and is one of my fave songs at the moment. I chose it on the night before I was to go to the studios after watching an Adele concert. I chose it because I felt that I really, really liked the song. And I liked it that much to want to hear how I sounded in it.

The studio time went without a hitch. I sang the song acapella at first so that the sound engineer could normalise my voice. Sang it a second time with the track to hear how my voice jelled with the song. And sang it a third time as the final product.

I'm no idol but I am proud of myself. Not just because the recording turned out quite decent, coming off something like an Americanised Adele. I am proud that I even dared and eventually achieved another one of my dreams. It's a good feeling. I will never stop reaching for my dreams now, most definitely.

For a sample of my attempt of rolling in the deep - here's the link. Tell me what you think.

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