VTT Postcard - Cape Town - Ratanga Junction

Monday, April 2, 2012
It was a day for the kids.

We've decided to celebrate New Year's Day at the one attraction that was opened on this public holiday - Ratanga Junction.

Ratanga Junction is an adventure theme park where kids of different ages enjoy rides with different intensity. It is situated in Century City, Cape Town.

We set out to Century City and arrived at Ratanga Junction around 11am in the morning. As we were getting older, hubby and I decided to just be non-riders accompanying a couple of really brave adventurers, namely our two daughters.

We toured the whole place and both my kids went on different rides - fast and slow. We've decided to get my youngest to try out some rather faster rides than she was normally accustomed to. And being my daughter, she really got into the whole thrill-seeking bit.

I was really surprised that we were out of the theme park around 4pm. The theme park felt rather small compared to Gold Reef City.

But the most important thing is my kids enjoyed the day. Success!

For more information, check out Ratanga Junction.

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