VTT Postcard - Paarl - Nederburg Wines

Monday, April 9, 2012

On our last full day in Cape Town, the weather started changing. It was shiny and sunny for the last 7 days and on that day, it started drizzling. Even as we went out early in the morning, the clouds opened up.

On an impromptu move the previous night, after discussing how much we enjoyed our visit to the Constantia Wine Farm, we decided to visit Paarl, where more wine farms could be found. I selected a well-known wine estate this time - Nederburg.

Again, we did a tour of the wine factory. This time, aside from the normal machinery and equipment, we got treated to seeing big wine barrels. The Nederburg estate was quite big and the tour lasted just over an hour. I loved the Nederburg wine selection for the wine tasting. Loved it so much that I got tipsy a little afterwards...again. Boy, you'd think with the way the wine makes me feel that I'd just have the good mind to stay away from it. But nooo, I keep on coming back and coming back for more.

We finished at around noon and decided to head back to the Mother City for the rest of the day.

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