Come Skydine With Me

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
It's nothing unusual to have appointment...and with your daughter. What really made this ordinary lunch into a spectacular one was that everything happened 42 metres off the ground.

I saw the ad a few months ago for skydining at Cedar Square and thought what a cool thought. The whole dining table plus 22 chairs surrounding it are hoisted on a crane and lifted off the ground. The dining table looks like a bar counter and within the counters, the chef and the waiters are strapped on the table, taking orders, pouring drinks, serving meals, ready at your service.

The "sky events" (as they were called) were scheduled over several weekends and there were a couple of events per day. Quick to sold out were the dinner slots. Personally, I did not like the idea of going up at night much as I thought seeing everything was one of the requisites on an experience like this. So I signed up for lunch.

My eldest daughter expressed an interest to come with and so I thought it would be a good mother-daughter bonding moment.

Picture taking on the ground while we were being strapped to our seats

The whole experience was not scary and quite safe although I did feel a bit out of it at times. I think it was just reflex reaction that you wanted to hold onto something when the wind blew and you think you're gonna get carried away. We were literally strapped onto our seats and are not able to release the seatbelts.

There were a couple of daredevil guests on our ride and they were really adventurous, even pushing their seats back to take photos of themselves and the sights below. The weather was sunny but there was a bit of wind that day. The table rotated so you got to see the sights from all angles. The lunch lasted an hour.

Our main meal was stuffed chicken. I am not sure what was stuffed inside, but it tasted much like ham inside. The chicken was served with roasted potatoes and some sort of tomato garnish. Dessert was tiramisu.

It was an experience extraordinaire. I could have done with more food, drink and time on top than just the one hour. It went so quick.

For more information, check out Sky Events.

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