The Initial Stages Of Emigration Application

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
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Please note: Although the requirements and procedures are already dated, this post is just to share the heartaches and frustration of what an expectant applicant goes through during the emigration process.

The application process is a bit daunting at first. Er, the application process is a LOT daunting actually.

When you first make the decision, you just want to get it all done. But boy, once you start looking through the requirements, you actually realise what a massive step and challenge the road ahead is. It is more the collection of the documents that scares you, if any.

I was in a similar place. I re-read the application forms a hundred times and filled it out at least half a dozen times until I eventually sent it off. Even then, you have that feeling of making mistakes and getting a rejection before your journey has ever begun.

Despite all the precautions and practice I took, I still made a slight mistake which made us lose 3 months in our application. We applied early December 2009 and waited and waited and waited for the initial approval letter from Canada.

The application forms came back in late February 2010. I had forgotten to fill out how much monies they could deduct from my credit card (which was the application fee). I felt lucky though that they did not outrightly reject the whole application and just highlighted the area that needed to be completed.

I duly completed the form where marked and re-sent our application in March 2010.

 It was a great feeling to finally receive the SMS that tells you that Canada has deducted your application fee from your credit card. It was a sign of great things to come. Or at least a chance at those great things.

We eventually got our initial approval letter in April 2010 via email.

2 caring thoughts:

  1. Canada is a great country to live,It is a family oriented country with a great respect to women and childrenI can tell you that, better than US,only if we could settle there, I would probably do so,but our life is in US,so I have no choice.
    Good luck in your application. it must be a long road but I'm telling you,it's all worth the wait.

  1. Chris said...:

    there are days that I want our family to apply there too... it has always been on my mind but.. i just don't know.

    well, God bless you on your family's new journey! very happy for you :)