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Wednesday, July 11, 2012
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And so it goes on. The waiting game, I mean.

Each time I checked our application status on the CIC website, it kept saying that the visa office had received our documents. I could also check the timelines of application sent per visa office per type of application (if it was federal skilled worker, provincial nominee, etc.) However, the timeline just kept becoming longer and longer as the months grew higher and higher. I became despondent, thinking that our application was stuck in a black hole somewhere never to resurface.

Around the 8th month of waiting after submission of all documents, I was pleasantly surprised whilst checking the CIC website to find that our application status has changed from "Received By Visa Office" to "In Process". We were promptly informed by the system that the visa office had our file and it was pending review. It did not mention anything else.

It lifted my spirits. I diligently watched our status on the CIC website like a hawk. However, after this update in status, the situation reverted and became quiet again. Nothing happened. I once more, started feeling dejected.

I had all but resigned to the fact that our application was not meant to be. Another 8 months pass when another line was added onto our application status on the CIC website: The visa office has started processing your application on xxxxx date.

I was ecstatic! Although I knew from past experiences that this extra line meant nothing concrete at all. It could mean a few months or another year, who knows. Little did I realise that this was the start of our roller coaster ride.

We were now at 20 months and counting.....

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