Hubby's Need For Speed

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
As a very, very, very belated birthday gift, I presented my hubby with a racing voucher. His July birthday was celebrated with a few races around the track in October last year. He was a very happy chappy. But I am moving way too fast, even for F1 and my own story.

I had been saving up for this experience gift for a while (4 years to be exact) as it was a bit hefty on the price. But I really wanted him to experience it before we left South Africa so it was now or never.
The day finally arrived and we pitched up at the Kyalami Racing Circuit all excited and geared. Hubby was the special man and I was his designated photographer/cheerleader/groupie.
We arrived about an hour early and we were treated to some finger foods and computer racing games. Afterwards, the drivers were all called to suit up and get ready. Once dressed, they were gathered into a room to discuss safe practices while racing.

Dressed to the racing gear terms.
As there were quite a few drivers who were booked for the "elite" experience, hubby had to wait for his turn on the track. The "elite" experience cost a bit more (about 3 times the normal) and included 90 minutes on the track. My hubby, on his "normal" experience, only had 30 minutes of driving time. I was on a tight budget so opted for the "normal" experience. I think it would have taken me another 10 years to save up to the "elite" experience.
I also forgot to mention that with the "elite" package, you also get to put your surname on the racecar, much like on F1 racing. We were so happy to have found somebody with the same surname, albeit it was misspelt with an S rather than a Z in the end.

 So hubby and I waited a while for the other drivers. And then, it was his turn. I went up the spectators' platform to try and take a lot of photos of him around the tracks...but I must admit, after a few rounds, I lost track of him (no pun intended). It was just too difficult to identify the racecar he was in. It was not really in any special colour, it was black, like most of the other racecars that day. Plus travelling at almost 180kmph, who would have been able to catch a glimpse of the driver's face at that pace? So I just took photos of every black racecar coming my way, LOL. I caught one of him eventually.

 30 minutes went by fast. It felt just like 5 laps but hubby said he made at least 8 or 9. See what I mean about losing track of him?
Hubby commented that it felt really different driving a racecar. Your face contorted and jiggled in so many ways while driving at superhuman speed. Lots of dynamics and strategy involved. It was truly difficult. Hats off to Schumacher and the rest of them doing this for a living.
All in all, a very good birthday present.

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