Williams' Sisters In Action

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To say that hubby and I are avid tennis fans is no lie. We love to endlessly watch these sportspeople hit the ball back and forth across the court. We cheer and clap in front of our home TV when the players dive and save a point and hit the ball right on the line to make it IN (or just nearly OUT if you wanna say it that way).
We previously had a chance to watch the SA Open at MonteCasino in 2011, where the final was won by South Africa's very own Kevin Anderson. Unfortunately, the SA Open had been discontinued due to the timing of the tournament. The event starts just after the major Australian Open and so, was not really well attended by the big names, especially when they've just wrapped up and played the semi-finals/finals of the Australian Open.
But I digress. I have no idea if the SA Open is coming back to SA soils, so we shall move on....
When we heard that the Williams' sisters were coming to South Africa for an exhibition match, we just couldn't pass the opportunity up. It was just too good to be true. They were such big names that shaped women's tennis to what it is today. Two champions in their own rights...in one court...in action.
The ticket line just opened and 5 minutes later, all the tickets on the front areas were sold out. Although not out front, I was able to book middle seats a few metres away. The view was near enough. The exhibition was held at the Ellis Park Arena in Johannesburg.
The Williams' sisters were cheered on as they came on court. The game was entertaining to say the least. Venus appeared to be very down to earth, interacting with the crowd a lot more right from the start. Serena was quieter and took a bit longer to create a bond with the audience. Both were equally charming. Their games were excellent. I was awed by the speed and might of how the tennis ball bounced around in court. So this is how real pros play :-)
Serena "won" the exhibition after 2 sets. But both sisters won the hearts of the audience, most definitely.

Dated: 4 November 2012, Ellis Park Arena, Johannesburg, South Africa

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