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Tuesday, April 9, 2013
My destination, my route, my way

I don't like comparing apples, especially when the comparison is not between similar apples...or that there is really no comparison at all. I'm talking about commuting in countries that I've lived in. And I must admit that taking the public transit system for the last couple of weeks in Canada has opened my eyes and restored my faith in these modes of transportation.

I take the MiWay and the TTC to work and back. MiWay is the public transport system in the city of Mississauga. And the TTC, short for Toronto Transit Commission, is the public transport system in the even bigger city of Toronto. Both provide bus rapid transport systems that are almost so reliable, you'll never miss a bus.
Of course, the down side to all public transport is that you are bound by the time they pass your stop. So however near the place you want to go to, it is always best to allocate at least 2 hours for a 30-minute trip, especially if you are transferring on different buses or trains or subways.  You have to coordinate your trips well so that you won't have to wait too long at the next stop.
During the morning peak hours, I've found the trip more seamless. And I just love that some light reading materials (of current affairs news) are available on board the bus or at the bus terminal or at the subway station. The afternoon peak hours also run on tight schedules but I find that there is more of a chance of getting stuck in some light traffic.
I also like the fact that the public transport are heated and so I don't feel the cold winter too much. I am, of course, still getting used to the different weather. And I really love the kneeling action of the bus. The bus kneels so that it is more convenient for the disabled, pregnant women, senior citizens and mothers with small children to board the bus. Really, really cool!
I suppose the only thing that I still need to get the hang of is remembering all the bus numbers. Each bus has a number that tells you of its planned routes and stops. You have to be careful so as not to get on the wrong bus. Remember, wrong bus equals more time commuting and finding out where the right bus is.
For more information about fares and routes, check the MiWay and TTC websites.

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