Newcomer Stories: Passing Your Driver's....Again - Part 2

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
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Last week, I spoke about having to retake my learner's and driver's licence test in Canada.

In Ontario, you pass through 3 stages. The first stage is the G1, which is the learner's test. Once you pass the G1, you are eligible to take the G2. The G2 is a driver's licence that has certain limitations while driving. Once you have gotten the G2, you are able to drive on the road. However, you are given 5 years to obtain the full G licence. The full G licence is also sometimes referred to as the full driver's licence.
I took both my learner's and driver's at the Etobicoke DriveTest centre.

To book for the learner's test, you have to physically go to the DriveTest centre and book it. You are then photographed and undergo eye testing. At this stage, I also produced a letter from the Department of Transport in South Africa to confirm that I have been a driver since so and so and that I do still have a valid driver's licence.

This letter of confirmation from the Department of Transport is important as it allows you to waive the wait period between taking the G1 and G2 or G. Further, if you can prove that you have been a driver for 2 years, you are allowed to take the full G test immediately, again, waiving the wait period between G2 and G. This is of course, once-off and should you fail to pass the G at this point, you will have no choice but to take the G2 on your next attempt.

So I took the learner's test. The learner's test was easy enough but of course, being the experienced driver who supposedly know everything, my stomach was in a knot while taking the exam. Some of the questions looked a bit tricky but since my stomach was already all mushy, I used my gut feel to answer, LOL. The exam consisted of 20 questions about rules of the road and another 20 questions about signs on the road. You have to get a minimum of 16 correct on both sides of the exam to pass.

And it looks like my gut did not spill. I passed comfortably on the first attempt. Now onto the full G. Bring it on! I went out with my piece of paper (with the pass mark) and booked for my full G driver's test.

It was scheduled in 2 weeks' time. Part 3 this way....

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