Newcomer Stories: Job Hunting Experience Outside Canada

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
After getting our immigration visas and deciding that we will be landing in Canada within a year, one of the things I undertook to do was look for jobs before we arrived in our new country.
We were on the job hunt before while we were still in the process of our permanent residence application. However, many have told us that it was extremely difficult to land a job especially when we were still out of Canada and were not even sure when we'd get there. So we halted the hunt until we had more definite plans.
And so the time came. The visas in our hands, we were just waiting for December to finally leave for Canada. I started the job hunt again in August. I had converted both my husband's and my CVs into Canadian resumes. I trolled and visited work sites like Monster and Workopolis everyday looking for opportunities. When I found anything that looked worthwhile, I would send off our resumes.
This was one way my husband found a job before landing in Canada. On one of the odd occasion I sent off his resume, the employer made contact with him via email. This was around November when he was contacted. The employer even went as far as doing a telephonic interview, phoning from Canada to South Africa, to determine if my husband was the right candidate. He passed the interview and all that awaited him when we landed was to visit the company, negotiate his salary and finally make his decision if he really wanted to take the job.
Nothing like being a little certain of your future in a new country, I say. At least, that was one less thing to worry about. It all seemed to have gone so easy. I was really so proud of him.

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