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Tuesday, June 4, 2013
I've always loved books and reading and I secretly blame this hobby for blinding me years before. But more secretly, I really just love it to bits. I've encouraged my kids to love the library as a source of endless information and knowledge. Reading is probably one of my passions that I can't ever live without.
Without a doubt, I am a regular patron of the local library. So coming into my new home/city, I decided to check the local library out. There are 18 libraries in the city of Mississauga. I went to the one nearest me and I must say, I was not disappointed. The library is bigger than any libraries I've ever been to. And in my eyes, the privileges of becoming a member at a Mississauga library are just too great for words.
Inside a Mississauga library
You can borrow a whopping 50 items at any given time. Fifty! That is a big wow! Items include books, DVDs, CDs, audio books, e-books, etc. And the abundant choice does not hurt either. The whole collection of items at any Mississauga library is at your disposal. And to top it off, you can even book, renew, place a hold on an item online. I just love a library keeping up with the times. The normal borrowing time is 3 weeks, which is not really that bad at all.
It is very easy to get a library card. All you need is some identification with a proof of address (that you are a Mississauga resident), and presto! Library card in hand.
I was like a child in a candy store. I just couldn't help myself. To say that my first trip to the library was an exhilerating experience would be an understatement. It was definitely something more than that for me.
In my excitement, I checkout a total of 18 books (Missy's books included). Didn't exactly reach the 50 but wait for me to get over my initial shock :-) I'll be getting my rhythm back.
My 18 check-outs

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