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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On my last visit to the Tower of London in 2010, I did not even get past the castle gates. Adverse weather had more to do with it rather than any of my naughty escapades. So when I went back, I brought the family along to counter any bad weather that came our way. Don't know if it helped much, but we got in and that's all that matters.

 The Tower did not disappoint. Never had I seen so many things in gold and multi-coloured diamonds. It's as if each crowned monarch had their own sets of golden cutlery and dishes. I loved seeing the crowns and the sceptres and the capes. I was awed in the presence of the Cullinan diamond forming part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. Hubby and I were even ecstatic at finding a punch bowl (as big as a human), complete with ladle and cups, made out of real gold.

It is definitely worth a visit for the family. It is a pity that cameras are not allowed in the Tower but I suppose it is for safety and security of the jewels, and therefore one could understand.

For more information, visit The Tower of London website.

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