How The X-Files Turned Me

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Before NCIS and Desperate Housewives ruled my life, I used to be part of a revolution - a fan of the television series, The X-Files.

I used to love following FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (played by Gillian Anderson) on their quest to find the truth out there. I suppose you could say I was hooked in the unexplained phenomena. I remembered watching the first few episodes of the series, feeding my penchant for unsolved mysteries, not realising at the time that the series and its characters would turn out to be such cult classics afterwards. The series made Mulder and Scully household names. It also nurtured the frenzy on government conspiracies and secrets. "Trust no one" was a common theme across the series. Was this why I became so distrustful of higher authority?

I recently stumbled on the series while looking through the Netflix catalogue. All 9 seasons of it. The temptation is too great. I've started watching it again just to brush up on my X-Files trivia. The years have certainly dulled my knowledge a bit. But it has not lessened my longing. I own the first 2 feature films on DVD. And I am currently patiently waiting for the 3rd movie (hopefully, there is one).

X-Phile? Maybe. Sometimes I don't deem myself fanatic enough to call myself that. I can only say that it has been (and still is) an honour to be part of the fandom. Even now, more than a decade since the last X-Files television episode has been aired, I still call myself an enthusiast. I still possess the one underlying message that The X-Files has encouraged from the's that "I Want To Believe".

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