Summer Getaway Day 2 - Royal Canadian Mint

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
My child as a quarter

 This place surely could have been a numismatist's paradise. After all, the whole place was all about making coins, who wouldn't wanna know?

On a whim, as our last stop in Ottawa, I decided that we would pass by the Royal Canadian Mint.

We were ushered into the boutique whilst waiting for the tour of the plant to start. We perused the collection on display and were really amazed at the different sizes and values. I tried both my hands on lifting a very heavy, very solid gold bar at the boutique. The gold bar weighed 28 pounds and was valued at more than half a million dollars.

Instagrammed by jamie250196

Inside the tour, they showcased some samples of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic medals. All the hard work and dedication and how each medal was a part of a larger piece of the puzzle. The Olympian winners were even given a map to find where their medals fitted in the bigger picture.

We saw how King George VI's and Queen Elizabeth II's images on the coins changed through the years, how a simple crown (actually, the lack thereof) on their images could emphasize that they were the common people's King/Queen.

Although we weren't allowed to take photos inside the plant, it was great and informative. And for an occasional coin collector like me, it felt like a kid being in a candy store. I couldn't/wouldn't be able to afford most of the coins in that place but it was really special to see how valuable a small silver can get.

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