Summer Getaway Day 3 - Montreal Botanical Garden

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Chinese garden inside Montreal's Botanical Garden
After going through the Biodome, Planetarium and the Insecatrium, we finally got into the visit of the Botanical Garden itself that late afternoon.
Unfortunately, we were pooped by this time. So I'm really sorry that this post will not contain a more comprehensive view of Montreal's Botanical Garden. We didn't really try and walk around the whole place. We went to the closest gardens and made our peace with that.
The Japanese and Chinese gardens were our last stops for that day. I'm not really much of a plant person but the Japanese garden had a few of the bonsais that I've always been fascinated about. There was even a zen garden enclosed within a Japanese make-believe house unit. It reminded me of these small, portable zen garden displays that are put in executive offices to somehow relieve stress. And I wondered if I needed to let off steam, how easy would it be to make circles on this big zen garden? Surely, raking sands on a big garden would be more added work to my already stressed body, hahaha.....
Zen garden
The Chinese garden gave us some wonderful views of a serene lake with colourful boats on them. Much like scenes from a Chinese movie (of course, when they are not involved in some kung fu chopping and fighting), they really brought about some tranquility and calm to me. Or maybe I was just tired.
I left the botanical garden that day, feeling that there was really more to see. There truly is. How I wished that I had planned better.
Oh well. I suppose another visit to the garden is in order for the future. Maybe when the International Mosaiculture of Montreal comes back into town, which happens once in a blue moon. That would really be something to look forward to.


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