Summer Getaway Day 4 - Vieux Port of Montreal

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Vieux Port of Montreal
We've been to this part of Montreal before.

When we first landed in Canada and visited Montreal the first time in the dead of winter, we celebrated the holidays in the Old Port of Montreal.

The Old Port was a winter wonderland with an ice skate rink and glistening white snow everywhere. It was bustling with entertainment for young and old.

Kinda strange to see the Old Port now in a different light. It's a totally opposite season and so the ice and chill have turned into water and green grasses.

We walked the Old Port but did not really go into the flea markets to look at things. We had already done our shopping round earlier on our visit to Old Montreal and the Notre Dame Basilica. We just wanted to relax.

Look at them go!

The kids decided to paddleboat around the lake. They rented the boat for an hour and paddled like furious ducks while hubby and I rested on the grass, waiting for their hour to be up.

After the kids came back to land, we decided to trek home. It was a short trip but we didn't really had anything in mind but take in the tranquil scenery, and the Old Port of Montreal did just that for us.

Have you been to the Old Port and what do you remember of your visit?

Instagram photo by jamie250196

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