Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Five-Year Crazy Strong

I have yet to reach my fifth year on this blog but it's definitely coming up soon. And we all know what that means.....I'm in a serious relationship....with my blog! Hahaha...

Kidding aside, I'm stoked to have stuck at this for so long. Didn't think I'd reach this day really, much less 5 years. I'm an excellent procrastinator at heart and if I don't admit it myself, I secretly did think that I wasn't cut out to be a regular blogger.

My first post of the year and I am looking back at all the years back. I was a mad blogger for the first 3 years, couldn't get enough of it. But I did hit quite a rough patch in 2013 when I only published 24 posts. That meant like only 2 in a month. Pretty bad. I was suffering from stress and writer's block at the time.

Like any decent blogger though, I realised quickly that the only way to get through the difficulties was to write about them...and so I did a bit of that.

I definitely made headways in 2014 with a whopping 73 posts. Not bad for a comeback. Seems like I've gotten my writing mojo back, slow and steady.

Here's hoping this year will be even greater in blogging terms. Not necessarily more posts as I don't want to be under that pressure of hitting a quantity-based target. I'm talking more about having the content, material, topics and prompts that would keep us crazy and interesting enough for the whole year.

I'm glad I kept at this.

And so, the blogging for 2015 starts now :-)

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