A Sneak Peek Under the Tree

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
The scene under the tree

Since I never seem to be around during the holidays for blogging (hiatus mode), my Christmas posts all seem to come out after the fact. Here's one now....

I don't know what it is but the holiday season always brings out the kid in me.

Over the years, I have this quirky habit of buying presents for myself, wrapping them up and giving them to myself for Christmas. I know it sounds all weird but it's perfectly normal. To me, anyway.

I don't need the surprise. I've long lived with the fact that to get what I want for Christmas, I must not be shy. I should tell my family members what I want for Christmas. This way there is no confusion as to whose gift it is under the tree, hahaha! In truth though, I just don't want to add to my family's stress on what otherwise could be defined as the best time of the year. If they want to surprise me, then they can do it. But it's not mandatory.

Red jacket, red bag, red iPad cover to match the
red tablecloth - how's that for colour coordination?

This past Christmas was much of the same. I knew all the presents under the tree. I peeked at my gifts beforehand....and just like a kid, still acted all surprised when opening them. I even colour-coordinated my gifts and they all came in red, LOL. Here are some photos of the antics I got up to with the gifts that I already knew were mine :-)

I cannot be surprised....opening gifts with my eyes closed.

Yeehaw! Found more unopened gifts! Let the stripping begin!

She's caught on a little madness....

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