Newcomer Stories: Second Year

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Well, the past year had definitely been a year to remember.

Some major "firsts" happened for our family here in Canada:

We plunged into the Canadian mortgage system with our first home...
My eldest started university....(Can't believe I have a university learner. OMG, I am so old...)
I got my Canadian certification...(my highest educational achievement to me!)

On the other side of the coin, a lot of the changes have started to slow down for us. I suppose this is part of the settling process. We welcome routine and normalcy taking roots now. Nothing like stability and peace of mind setting in. To be frank, I have found that we have grown quite old to be too bold and adventurous. The desire to roam and see the world is still there, but the fire...alas, she is contained and not as wild as before.

But who's complaining? The year had certainly been filled with blessings galore. And I can't express the gratitude and pride I feel right now. Two years and here we are. My only wish for the coming year is that there would still be many more blessed years to come for us here in Canada.

And so we go onwards to Year 3 :-) Click here to read how we fared on our first year.

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