The Parents vs The Arianators

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Waiting patiently for Ariana - Instagram photo by jamie250196

Yes. I am sure a lot of mothers will sympathise. In one time or another in your child's younger years, you have gone to see a concert of a celebrity half your age, who your child absolutely adores. Not to mention the fact that your fellow concert-goers were parents (like yourself) ...accompanying their kids (like yourself).

It came a little bit late in motherhood for me, and I thought I was going to miss it altogether. But no can do. I did just that recently - attended a concert with my kid because she'd wanted to see Ariana Grande.

I didn't really think much of it when I bought the tickets to Ariana's show. Deep down inside, I was a secret fan and loved her music even though I would not pass for someone in the same generation.

I didn't really notice her fan base until I sat at the concert, looking left to right, realisation dawning on me that the venue was fast filling with kids that were even younger than mine. If I thought Ariana was half my age, her fans were another half more! Woe is me. The concert did not displace me though (because I was in the good companies of the other parents), merely left me feeling a bit over the hill.

But I refuse to be embarrassed. As much as I had been there for my child, I highly enjoyed the show. Ariana was entertaining and showcased her talent well. She sang her well-known hits. And although I did not have them all memorised, I sang along with the crowd. I was mesmerised by this lady with the sultry sound and I was all sad when the night ended. Who says you can't be a parent and an Arianator at the same time?

So going with your child to something she wants to is not all that bad. It might not be what you initially expected it to be but it may always turn out to be something better. What was your experience?

Ariana Grande's The Honeymoon Tour in Toronto

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