Newcomer Stories: Why Thank You, Driver

Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Instagram photo by jamie250196

Thank you.

Such simple words but not to be taken lightly. If said in the right context and spirit, it yields a powerful reaction, both in the giver and receiver.

I've recently developed the habit of thanking the bus driver as I step off the bus, arriving safely at my destination. I never really noticed it that much until I did it with such gusto that I was actually looking forward to thanking the driver when I get off.

Yes, the transit system here in Canada is effective and efficient. But the bus drivers take caution and attention with each individual trip that I think the single "to and fro" wherever still warrants a sense of gratitude. Don't you think so?

It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, giving thanks for the small things in life. Thank you, Bus Driver, for getting me home safe and sound.

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