A Trip Down Medieval Times

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Calling all bannermen....er, banner people! You are cordially invited to the King's Court. Get your banners out and root for your knights!

Medieval Times

If you're a fan of anything Game of Thrones, then this shoutout is certainly enticing enough. Hubby and I recently got hooked on the TV show, and thought it would be such an experience to attend the King's Court at Medieval Times. Feel like a lord and milady for a day. So of course, when the opportunity came upon us that discounted tickets were available via Groupon, it was a chance not to be missed.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is a medieval-themed space/theatre located in various North American cities. We were very fortunate that there is one conveniently situated in Toronto. Medieval Times provide entertainment by performing a live, rehearsed show, where actors portray various medieval characters and ride horses inside the theatre. The highlight at the end is a jousting tournament, where the knights are pitted one against another, until there is only one knight left standing.

Outside, its castle-like fa├žade already hints at something magical and as you enter, you are welcomed by the greeters who hand you your paper crown, and banner. You don't really have much choice on the banner colour but at this point, I'm sure you'll agree with me that you're up for any kind of experience. The banner colour that is given to you ultimately decides where you sit in the theatre and which knight you will be rooting for.

Our wench greeted us as we sat down and informed us of the menu and asked for our drinks. We were served a 3-course meal that started with bread and soup; roast chicken and potatoes and corn as the main meal; and pie as dessert.

Starter soup - "Dragon's blood"

There were knights and squires on the stage when the show started. The knights performed different acts (skills tests) - they rode their horses around, showed off their sword skills, and jousted with each other. The performance was also accompanied by the King and his daughter, Princess Marianne, who bestowed favours on the knights that did well on their tests.

Instagram photo by jamie250196
The favours were cut flowers that Princess Marianne shared with the knights. And the knights, in turn, shared the favours (cut flowers) with their audience (supporters) by throwing it into the crowd. They mostly targeted maidens. Missy, my 11-year-old, was really chuffed to have received 2 favours from our Red Knight.

King and Queen Rodriguez :-)

You'd think that this would be a corny way to pass time and share a meal but the joust sequence are really quite fascinating to watch. Even hubby commented at the end of the show that the performance, although timed and rehearsed, was no mean feat. Very entertaining. Very believable.

So if you fancy yourself going for an afternoon or a night out back in medieval age, then Medieval Times is the place for you.

For more info, visit their website.

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