Buffaloes Have Wings?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
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I'm not ashamed to admit it. I always thought the term "buffalo wings" meant chicken wings the size of buffaloes.

For those new to the term, "a buffalo wing or buffalo chicken wing is a US-cuisine of a wingette that is deep-fried, unbreaded, and coated in vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce and butter. They are traditionally served hot, along with celery sticks and/or carrot sticks with blue cheese dressing or ranch dressing for dipping." (Wikipedia definition)

So anyway, I've developed a penchant for hot, spicy food in recent years, and me and buffalo wings go way back. I first tasted this delicacy whilst living in South Africa. It was a popular menu item on one of South Africa's franchised steak house. Since arriving in Canada 2 and a half years ago, I have been whining to anyone who would listen that I have been missing my fix of buffalo wings.

Imagine my surprise, in the midst of one of my whining sessions, a newfound Canadian friend pointed out that I should check out where it all began. The place where it was first created, Anchor Bar Restaurant in Buffalo, New York.

Woah! I was flabbergasted. So buffalo wings actually meant Buffalo wings. These spicy-hot tasting wings originated from Buffalo, New York. Hence, they are called as such. I had gone on long enough without having one that I never even thought it meant anything but.

Anchor Bar is billed as the home of the original Buffalo chicken wings. I was hesitant at first to test the place out as I thought that it might not be suitable for kids. With a name like Anchor Bar, can you blame me? But my hunger for the wings prevailed and I thought what the heck! Hustled the family into the car one morning and off we went to Buffalo. Arrived at Anchor Bar just before lunch. It was starting to get busy. Ordered mild and hot wings. Also ordered breaded mushrooms. It was as scrumptious as I remembered it to be. No complaints from me. Ordered too much so had to take some home. Had buffalo wings at dinner as well. I was a happy girl.

Ambience at Anchor Bar was good and nice. I would definitely go back and I can recommend the food as well. It won't stop me from trying out all the Buffalo wings in Buffalo though. I've read on the internet that there is another place that serves quite a good plate of wingettes and I made a conscious note that we will hit that place next time we go to Buffalo.

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