A Hubby Story: A Pocket Full of Posies

Friday, August 13, 2010
14 August 2010 - Further to my old topic repost, what is it with girls and receiving flowers? This is so corny but getting flowers still do the trick when it comes to releasing heart-warming emotions in girls. And I must admit that I am no exception.

Recently my eldest daughter of 14 and ¾ years, received some "friendship" flowers from a "boy - friend" (I must stress that this is not to be confused with the other kind, being the actual one). The friend, who lives a few provinces away, had the flowers delivered at my daughter’s high school. The bouquet, consisting of mostly daisies and 3 yellow roses, was very much appreciated, to say the least.

It kind of reminded me of the time that my other half gave me some flowers a few years back. After 12 years of marriage, my husband decided to surprise me with a bunch of roses the one day. It was really a shock as my hubby was not one to waste his money on flowers because “they just look good but die so quickly afterwards”. As he has never had any experience with buying such things, he took whatever was available at the florist at the time. Never did check what was ideal for a wife so he had the colour a bit wrong as the dozen roses came in yellow, which I am told meant friendship (with benefits?).

But what the hey....much the same as my child's reaction to her flowers, my "friendship" roses were very much loved and remembered, even after they’ve died and were thrown away.

And of course, I took a photo of my flowers....and kept it too! And why wouldn’t I? The photo is almost equivalent to a real picture of Bigfoot!

Note to hubby: I am waiting for my second bunch of roses....in the right colour please!

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