Mommy Moments - Blowing Bubbles

Friday, October 15, 2010
mommy momentsOur choice of weapon for today's Mommy Moments is the bubble gum :-). Yes, you heard me right. Not the bubble gun....the bubble GUM. Or in popular terms here in South Africa, we call them chappies.

My eldest decided to teach my youngest to blow a bubble out of it. Sadly at the age of 6, she has not learnt to do this.

So they tried. And tried.

Close to tears out of frustration. Patience indeed is a virtue.

In the end, I just told them to enjoy the gum.

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8 caring thoughts:

  1. Tetcha said...:

    I can relate to your younger daughter. I know how frustrating it is to fail at something that you really want to succeed at. Just look at her face in the second picture! I also learned a new word today: "chappies." Thanks for the visit, Mommy. I have also posted the award you gave me. It's the article before my Mommy Moments' entry today.

  1. -=einz=- said...:

    haha! luv the 2nd pic! she's so focus trying to learn how to blow the gum. =D

  1. Pinx said...:

    i just don't know why it's so hard to teach kids how to blow bubbles! my little boy had a hard time copying me... hehehehe...

  1. nuts said...:

    oh look at the pic of your girl. patience is a virtue indeed. =)

  1. mommy jes said...:

    ahahahah parang susuko n nga sya ;)) mahirap tlga kasi yan pero pag nasanay n naku...parang kambing n yan kakanguya ;))

    here's mine -

  1. mommy jes said...:

    nasend ko b ang comment ko?? -here's mine po -

  1. Chris said...:

    cool!!! another sort of bubbles :) happy mommy moments

  1. kimmy said...:

    hahaha! that sure was fun!