User's Review on the HTC Wildfire

Monday, October 18, 2010
I might have mentioned previously that I got a new cellphone with my contract. (See blog Embrace The Camera - ETC Goes HTC).

It was really such a toss-up between getting the Blackberry Bold 9700 and the HTC Wildfire, but in the end, I could not get the Blackberry into a cellphone package that I and my pocket both liked so I went on with my other choice, the HTC Wildfire.

Having said this, the HTC Wildfire is not second best by any standards. From what I heard, it is the offspring of the HTC Desire. And if the reviews for the HTC Desire are anything to go by, the HTC Wildfire should also prove to be a great phone with all the right functionalities.

The HTC Wildfire is an Android phone with touch screen, 3G connection and a 5MP camera. Can’t tell you much about the other stuff but I’m sure they are pretty standard with all the other phones (i.e. Calendars, Contacts, Settings, etc. etc.). Oh, and it has a Friends Stream screen where you can get updates from your Twitter and Facebook friends. Not to mention, update your status without computer access. This is serious serial stuff for social network junkies like me.

It is suggested that you get a Google account so it is easier to access other functionalities within the phone. Google Mail is immediately connected. Other stuff like chats (i.e. Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, MXIT, etc.) can be obtained as free widgets through the Android Market. But this is where you’ll need your Google account the most as it requires registration to use the Market.

My complaints are minimal. I would just like to have received a thicker manual to understand the phone better. I couldn’t Bluetooth my contacts and music out of my old HTC to my new one, which is turning out to be a time-consuming exercise. (But I think this has more to do with the old phone than the new one). The touch screen is a bit sensitive and keeps going into camera mode (the camera button is at the bottom right corner of the phone). I suppose all touch screens are like that (I just don’t know how to touch it right?).

I have had my phone for over a month now and am still enjoying exploring. I do not always connect my phone to 3G as I do not want to run up my cellphone bill. I prefer connecting via wi-fi when at home and at work for cheaper options. I must admit that in the family, I am the only one not using a touch screen phone and so, this is all new to me. It is starting to feel like a heavenly experience (almost like devouring a chocolate). You just hover your finger above the phone, and the letter (that you want, or that it thinks you want) jumps out to the fore, like ESP! Lol. (Just make sure the phone doesn’t read your mind too much as it might send SMSes to people you don’t want it to :-) )

The downsides I mentioned previously are inconsequential to this otherwise really excellent phone. I love it! So if you are in the market for a new phone and budget is a bit tight, I highly recommended this!

Disclaimer: If you have reached this line, you must just know that I was not forced in any way by HTC to say any of the things above. Nor was I paid to say nice things. The comments are based on my personal experience with my own HTC Wildfire. And so should be taken as such.

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