The Seasons According To The Miss

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Here, ma! Here’s the four seasons, all summed up for you….with pictures.

Winter is for snowmen and snow.

Summer is for the sun and the rain.

Spring is for the blooming apples of the trees.

And almost forgot, fall is when the leaves brown themselves and fall off.

3 caring thoughts:

  1. Leah said...:

    Awww... It's so cute. And the gesture is totally sweet.. Really made me smile. =))

  1. DLK said...:

    That is adorable. I would totally frame them (I"m such a sap for kid artwork).

  1. Pinx said...:

    hi there! kids are so imaginative! i love the drawing, i wish my little boy could do like that. visiting you here!