Mommy Moments - Kissing Scene

Friday, October 22, 2010
mommy momentsWhen kids are young and innocent, kisses are free and readily available. I can prompt one from my youngest with such ease and affection. And here I am getting the most ready……and free kiss and hug!

But getting one kiss from a teenager is another story. I don’t know what it is about being a teen but there’s just something about kissing one’s parents that is a little bit….well, embarrassing. It’s almost like extracting a tooth. And although my eldest is loving in her own way (she doesn’t mind hugging me), she reserves her kisses for special occasions. Like when she wants me to buy her something like a new top or bikini. :-(

Here's hoping that I don't go broke in the future so I can get my kisses :-o

My share of kisses for Mommy Moments.

14 caring thoughts:

  1. Jes said...:

    hi! thanks for dropping by! ;)
    uu nga free p ngyun yan....sana pag laki nila makasanayan p dn nila yan pag kiss satin ;))

    Happy MM!

  1. carinamodella said...:

    yes, that's true, we must enjoy moments like this while they allow us to kiss and hug them :))

  1. march on... said...:

    haha! that's why I always kiss my son's fat legs now bec. I know he won't let me when he'a a teenager already :) your teenager is such a pretty kikay, i like her :)

  1. haha.. may bayad pala ang kiss ni ate. oh well, sana pag nagbinata at dalaga ang mga kids ko sweet pa rin sila at hindi sila mahihiya kahit ihug at kiss ko sila or vice versa.. hehe

    thanks for visiting my blog :)

  1. chubskulit said...:

    Oh so sweet, moment like this is treasured forever especially that it's captured in camera!

    Lovely Kisses at my page.

  1. DLK said...:

    You're right. My 16 year old son hasn't kissed me in a while. He does offer up his hugs very freely (even in front of his friends). I'm sure the kisses will come back :)

  1. imriz said...:

    haha, i share ur thoughts here. i have a 17yr old whom i can't remember the last time she kissed me. and i have a new teen (13y.o) who 'detached' himself as days go by.
    that's why i make sulit w/ the little one where i get wet kisses all the time, lol

  1. Super Lily said...:

    My daughter is almost 2 years old but acts like a teenager. She gives hugs and kisses only on her own time, not when mommy begs for them. I take them as they come with great appreciation. :)

  1. Chris said...:

    that is why we treasure these moments ... thanks for sharing your photos with us this week! :)

  1. Tetcha said...:

    Well, we should ask our kids then for our hugs and kisses while they're still young. LOL! I dread the day that my son wouln't want to kiss Mommy anymore.

  1. kimmy said...:

    same goes here! can't even remember the last time my teenage daughter kissed me. it could be that my memory is getting dull or it really was a long time ago, lol!

  1. Dhemz said...:

    awwwwww....priceless! sarap nang mga kisses na yan...hehhehe...:)

    glad to be here te, thanks for dropping by on my MM entry....:)

    btw, sali po kau sa giveaway contest ko....:)

  1. Genejosh said...:

    he..he..ganoon nga ang mga teenagers very reserved in giving kisses to their parents..but not me..he..he..

    visiting you back from