Embrace The Camera - Playing With The Phone Camera Again

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whilst waiting for hubby to get some take-aways one night, youngest and me played with my HTC Wildfire's camera in the car. Or rather, I was playing with the camera and youngest was happily chowing down her McDonalds' fries and gulping down her Coke. Oooooh, and for somebody who is watching her weight at the moment, this was just crucifyingly (is there such a word?) pure temptation! What agony! The aroma just filled the whole car and I had to do something with my hands or risk eating a cow. So I grabbed my HTC and started snapping away. (If you Follow mjsiychuan on Twitter, I think I even tweeted about it sometime last week? LOL).

See me holding myself back :-)
Just a quickie shot for Embrace The Camera this week....

5 caring thoughts:

  1. Fawn Teresi said...:

    I love Mcdonalds... to cut back on calories... i order myself a happy meal :)
    Cute picture!

  1. Alisi's Mummy said...:

    Lovely to see such a candid shot. Good to hear that you stayed strong and stayed away from the Maccas

  1. Super Lily said...:

    I can't resist McDonald's myself...I'm a sucker for the fries!;)