The Place Where Asians Meet

Monday, October 4, 2010
One day, 2 lovely Asians decided to meet up and have lunch after work. And the perfect venue? Simply Asia (Northwold), of course.

I met up with an old friend at this local restaurant recently. Actually, it was not so local to me as I had to travel more than 10kms to get there. Both my friend and I have never been to Simply Asia before. Nevertheless, the food was highly recommended and so we both wanted to try it.

Simply Asia is a Thai-based restaurant offering authentic Thai cuisine (duh!). They have their range of sushi and noodles, as most Asian restaurants do. My friend ordered Gai Pad Med Prik-Phao, which is chicken and cashew nuts with roasted chilli paste. Her order came with rice.

I decided to be adventurous for once with my food and ordered Woon-Sen Pad Gai, which is glass noodles stir-fried with chicken and vegetables in oyster sauce. Heard before that glass noodles were apparently fat-free :-) I was also pleasantly surprised with the size of the bowl my order came in. Wow!

So, the outcome of the eating experience was:

Chicken, nuts and chilli paste - HOT! (This coming from an Indian of course. So on a scale of Curry-ness, this spicy dish is just right.)
Glass noodles with chicken and veg - Actually cooked like vermicelli, slight twist with the nutty taste (nuts for the Chinese nut), although it could be the egg cooked crispily as I see there is no nut on my dish.

Could we pass up the chance to be food critics? I think not!
We could be Trinny and Susannah of the Food World.
Best food comes from Asia? Most definitely! But of course, being Asians, we are both totally biased.

5 caring thoughts:

  1. nmaha said...:

    My first time here and you have my mouth watering with those pics. I agree on the Asian food thingy, though we should add south american as well.

    Found you through SITS.

  1. Jacki said...:

    looks delicious!

  1. i am also chinese so yes, the best food comes from asia. ;-)

  1. OK, I'm not Asian, but I agree!!! My favorite food is definitely Asian and my absolute favorite cuisines are Japanese, Chinese, and Thai. I'm lucky to say that I've been able to travel to those countries to eat the real deal! Some restaurants in the U.S. come close, but nothing tastes better than the really authentic stuff. :)


  1. imriz said...:

    glass noodles? hmmm, should it taste enough to "break" my palate, hihi.
    discovering foods were nice esp when shared w/ friend(s).
    have a blessed day:)