Mommy Moments - Jump Shots!

Friday, October 1, 2010
mommy momentsNow I must say that I am slightly stumped with this week’s entry for Mommy Moments. Both my kids are girls and since my family is a little height-challenged (see blog I Am Short. Embrace It!), we simply do not do jump shots. The only time we jump is when it is New Year’s Eve. We have been told by an old wives’ tale that if we jump during this time, we would grow taller that year. (Not that it worked for me but I still believe in it :-))

So I asked my children to do some jumps for me one late night for this entry. The evening was a LOL moment to say the least!!! My eldest even offered to photoshop the pictures for me and here is the result:

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10 caring thoughts:

  1. Jes said...:

    hahah! talagang sinadyang magtalunan muna hahaha buti mga game ang mga kids ano? ahhahah =)) nice! ang cute p ng lay out, d k ready ha...=P
    ung sakin taken last summer =)

    thnks for visiting mine =)

  1. anne said...:

    wow they are very supportive, with that jump shots, you have the best mommy moment bonding hehehe

  1. Tetcha said...:

    Looks like the kids had so much fun doing their jump shots. I can imagine the laughter while you're making them do this! Laughing out loud is a nice way to end this work week. Happy Mommy Moments!

  1. Vernz said...:

    hahaha.. ano to sis.. induced very supprtive namn yung mga bagets mu sa blogging career mu... sus blogging talaga lahat involve..hahaha...

    btw thanks for dropping Woman’s elan vital

  1. seth said...:

    galing naman ng eldest mo alam na ang ako di ko ma gets until now eh..hehehe..

    Nice entry :-)

  1. mjrodriguez said...:

    thanks for the visits! i guess my blogs would not be interesting enough if i just talk about myself, haha. it needs to be a family blog. hubby is the only kj one, but he'll come around. he better!

  1. nuts said...:

    the family that jumps together, stays together.. ^-^ happy family!

  1. kimmy said...:

    they are fun to look at! nice post!

  1. *MrsMartinez* said...:

    nice jump shot moment haha