Ahoy There! Part One...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
What a day! What a day! And what a wonderful production and performance!

This year, my employer treated some of us, employees, and our families to go watch and experience a pantomime production as a year-end function. One of many functions before the year closes, I hope.

The setting: The Mandela @ the Joburg Theatre.

The show: Robinson Crusoe and the Carribean Pirates.

It was mostly for the kiddies but the show was really fantastic, even by adult standards. The cast and crew were magnificent with their performances. Main casts included some well-known South African actors like Marc Lottering, Carlo McFarlane and Kim Engelbrecht. They sang and danced to up tempo songs and converted some modern tunes to suit the storyline. Very nicely done.

Without giving much of the storyline away, the show follows the adventures of Robin Lottalove aka Robinson Crusoe (McFarlane), son of Lolly (Lottering) and brother of Bobin (Engelbrecht). After the mayoress’ daughter, Primrose Petal (played by SA beauty Tanya van Graan), was kidnapped by the evil Beelzebub, Robin and his family set off to save her!

Special mention should be made of Marc Lottering, who was absolutely hilarious in his role as Lolly Lottalove. He simply brought the house down with his antics and dialogues. The role kinda reminded me of John Travolta’s role in the movie Hairspray. Very different  but very convincing.

The stage sets were fully amazing as they changed scene by scene….it almost felt like watching in 3D without the glasses :-)

The family’s assessment were as follows:

Hubby: Performance by all was good. He was amazed with how quick the stage changed with each scene.

Eldest: It was fine. It was okay. The singing was really, really good.

Youngest: It was nice. She became very excited when the strobe lights came down the stage and caused some sort of fireworks.

Me: Needless to say, I was mesmerized by the whole thing. I am just showing off a bit of my naivete of theatre productions. Bravo, I say!

The production will still be at the Joburg Theatre until January 2, 2011. For time and seat availability, book at Computicket.

Disclaimer: This review was written with no other special consideration received from the Joburg Theatre or any individual connected with the production. Our show tickets were solely provided for by my employer.

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