Weighing In: Nomad Flab

Monday, November 29, 2010
Saturdays and Sundays nowadays meant gym days for me. I have always wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle and with not enough time during the week, I have resolved going to the gym on the weekends. Not to mention the additional weight is now really affecting my conceit (self-confidence if you ask me) and so I must start doing something or go mad!

I have been seeing my personal trainer twice a week for more than 6 months now and can swear that there has been a slight change in my body built (my pants have been fitting more perfect than before). No weight changes though, which bugs me to hell because I know those fats are just hiding somewhere else (my belly) if not my thighs. What a frustration to realise that fats don’t just roll in the land of my body, they relocate.

Which brings me to one of my favourite, and most pained, topics – weight gain....or is it weight loss? Whichever way, it has been years and my ultimate goal would be to stop gaining and start losing.

I am slightly hard-headed when it comes to eating veggies and regular workouts so this has mostly been an uphill battle for me. And so I start to document my ups and downs with healthy living and bad habits.

I declare war on you, my nomad flab! Take that, you! There is no turning back now as it is cast in stone....er, blogged I mean.

Hopefully, with perseverance, I shall prevail, this time. Of course, looking good is just a fringe benefit. The real deal here would be to live healthy and feel better all round. I want this to be my choice, my life.

Feel free to share me some of your success stories and advices........or frustrations.

P.S. I must admit that I am doing this all to satisfy my vanity. I want my Jillian Michaels bod. And soon.

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  1. Debbie said...:

    The first half of this year, I was doing so well with exercise and I could see a difference. Then...
    Well, you know how it goes!