Ahoy There! Part Two....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Following the review on the pantomime production, Robinson Crusoe and the Carribean Pirates, I would just like to share what happened at the aftershow party. As if. I am starting to sound like a celebrity, aftershow party indeed.

Anyway, there was an aftershow do. Some of the main characters of the production visited our company’s conference room and enjoyed a few minutes of picture-taking and autographing with us. Well, actually, it was more like a frenzy of young adoring fans clamoring for attention (me included).

I was especially looking forward to meeting and taking my picture with Kim Engelbrecht as I had seen her when she was still part of the Isidingo cast. Isidingo is a daily South African soap opera. I dragged my youngest with, while my eldest tagged along (secretly she wanted to be in the picture with me and Kim, lol!)

Next up was Carlo McFarlane of Backstage fame. Backstage is also a South African soapie and I used to follow it before when Carlo was still part of the lineup. I got to chat to him and told him this little information. He was very friendly. My eldest was so chuffed when she got to shake his hand! (The beauty beside him is SA lovely Tanya van Graan, his love interest in the show)

And lastly, who can forget Marc Lottering? A long line of wait and when we got our chance, it was definitely a bring-it-on moment.

Hubby was not as starstruck as us so he stayed in the background and just took all the photos. Following the family like a paparazzi.

Eldest mentions now that I was actually the only adult in the room that wanted my pictures taken with the stars. It’s true though. And who wouldn’t? I am not shy to admit; I was in my “crazed fan” zone and got a little carried away. Well, I can’t lie about it now when the pictures let it all hang. It was a definite fan day.

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