VTT Postcard - Preparations

Monday, December 13, 2010
Location: Still in Johannesburg, South Africa packing like a mad woman

My last post about my trip before I actually take it.

Today, I talk about preparations, specifically what I’ve packed for the trip. I must say that I started planning what to pack 2 seasons ago. Winter in South Africa ended around August and so I had to go through all the winter sales at the end of season to pick up some bargains. Not that I bought a lot. I was kinda lazy and missed the sales anyway.

Only time(and a later post on this blog) will tell but I hope what I’ve packed is enough. Here is the full list:

1 x trench coat
1 x leather coat
1 x fleece jacket
3 x jerseys
4 x casual tops
3 x pair of jeans
2 x pair of leggings
2 x boots
1 x sandals
2 x gloves
2 x hats
lots of socks
lots of underwears

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