Weighing In: Guess Who Got It All

Monday, January 30, 2012
A heathy breakfast really goes a long way. It's a shame I only discovered this late in my life. I used to skip breakfast and lunch when I was in my 20's and now I am suffering, changing my eating habits and lifestyle.

One of the new habits that I've incorporated in my life is to eat breakfast everyday.

I used to eat Kellogg's All Bran flakes daily. But nowadays, I eat breakfast on the way to work, so I prefer food that are easily held by one hand. I only get to eat it occasionally on weekends.

My normal breakfast would comprise of my one fruit (the banana), one starch (40g all-bran), and 125ml low fat milk.

I'd jokingly mention that this was my cardboard breakfast but in truth, I do enjoy my All Bran more than other cereals.

What is your favourite breakfast?

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