I'm On A Head Hunt

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
It's nice to feel wanted. It's nice to feel needed. It's nice to feel special.

I am not bragging although this post could come across like it. In my lifetime (35 years and counting), I have had this experience 4 times. And out of the 4, 2 were successful placements. It's basically a Cinderella fairy tale story set in the business world.

One of my headhunting stories started when I was approached by a person for a meeting. She went on to tell me that they were looking to hire somebody for their company. She was the owner of the company and she needed THAT person to have knowledge and experience in the industry before.

She used the internet as her tool, and apparently I was spurted out by Google when searched. She found my LinkedIn profile (yes, I have one of those) and saw that I was in close vicinity. She figured there was nothing to lose and looked up the company that I was currently working for, phoned the company up and got through to me.

She made her pitch and of course, being human, it piqued my interest. I agreed to go through an interview process with the other key individuals within the company.

I don't think the outcome matters for very much (not in this post anyway). But the mere fact that a person made all that effort was really something. Like I said, it's nice to feel that you stood out enough among the masses to have captured somebody's attention. If I did not get the job, it was definitely worth the thrill of being sought.

Do you feel the same way? What are your headhunting experiences?

Note to reader: I did get the job and I am hoping that it is the right move for me. I start today.

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