VTT Postcard - Day 5 AM - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Monday, February 14, 2011
I woke up early and had breakfast before venturing out into Amsterdam. Our TM took us to the Anne Frank monument and we were able to visit the Anne Frank House, which was just around the corner. I opted to have a look at the place although cameras were not allowed.

Anne Frank was, of course, a young girl who told her tale of being a Jew in hiding during World War II through her diary. She died during this time and her diary was published and became a worldwide success.

The Anne Frank House was a bit depressing although I did enjoy seeing how she lived and how it all turned out in the end. I have not read her diary but will probably put it on my list of to-read.

After touring the house, I tried to find the way through the city centre. I wanted to shop for a souvenir but everything turned out to be too expensive in Amsterdam. I eventually found a clothing store that had a sale and picked up a much thicker jacket in the process. I also ended up buying just a fridge magnet for a souvenir of Amsterdam.

Being in Amsterdam made me feel very European. The houses, the bridges, the streets, the river, the whole feel…..It seemed as if I’ve just stepped into a 500-piece puzzle picture!

There was also a photo op when I found the letters I AMSTERDAM, but I was running a bit late and couldn’t find the Contiki meeting place so I couldn’t stop long to take more photos.

I had to ask a Dutch if I was in the right direction. A lot of hand signals and pointing went up the air as we battled to communicate fully in English.

Turned out I was not that late after all. I still had a moment to take in some river air while we waited for the others in our group.

Then we left for St Goar.

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