Novice Blogging - Note #18 (Blog Spin-Off)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well, it is almost one month since the spin-off to my blog has been up and running. I call it my spin-off because similar to what happens to spin-offs on TV series, my new blogsite was such.

You get something good going (like a TV show) and over a period of time, the storyline starts having a life of their own. You can hardly keep up with your original storyline and then there are the other storylines on the side which you would like to explore. But of course, you don't wanna muddle up the original so you think of a way to explore these other lines. You create a spin-off.

The spin-off is, of course, not to be confused with the soapie. A soapie knows no end and the storyline just keeps piling up on top of one another. A spin-off would have a base from the original but would have its own storyline. The only way to end a soapie would be to get rid of everything...and everyone.

Somehow, I do not like the sound of that for my blog.

So before I go on and on with this analysis, I proudly present to you my new blog, mj dot com the travel edition.

You guessed it! It chronicles my travel experiences of learning different cultures and discovering new places. And before you get the idea that I'm a Lara Croft wannabe. I'm not. Just thought it would be easier for reference and to be organised.

Check it out if you wanna be a fellow traveller on this journey...

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