Girls Talk - 45 Sec To A Cheesy Me

Thursday, February 17, 2011
Today at Girls Talk, we look back on the cheesy things we've done when it comes to love. I would say that the cheesiest I've been is singing love songs to my loved ones. :-) It's like a serenade but in reverse. The girl (that's me!) does the singing, complete with guitars and barkada (gang of friends).

As a youngster, I used to love listening to the radio and memorising song lyrics, especially those that have captured my heart. Is it any wonder that I associate love with music?

So today, I shall sample the feat here. Is a serenade still an "in" thing to do these days? (Uso pa ba ang harana?) Here's a video of me at my cheesiest just this past valentine's day. No drama here, just me and my laptop doing our thing. Hubby was not even at the scene (actually he was already sleeping). Yet still, this is for him.

My hubby calls me his "Ibong Adarna" (Adarna bird). Now, most of you, who know your Philippine mythology, will realise the irony of that. "I may have a wonderful voice to him.....but I simply put him and everyone else to deep sleep".

So enjoy the vid....and may you sleep well tonight.

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9 caring thoughts:

  1. Travel-Junkie said...:

    I think creating a video serenading your love one is one of the sweetest thing to do!

    I did that once while my partner was on a business trip and it made him smile! :)

  1. That is the most highest gestures of expressing the love. Serenading, I just hope its still in today. Because I want to experience it.

  1. genny said...:

    sooooooooo sweet adarna bird! you have a lovely voice kaya sila nakakatulog. muntik na ako doon.hehehe so, see you in concert stage soon?? happy GT!

  1. peppermayo said...:

    at least you can sing *envy*

    I sang to my husband and that was my cheesiest and most embarrassing act!

    happy GT! ;p

  1. kim said...:

    that was so sweet of you to make a video for your hubby, and really got a nice voice, girl!

  1. genejosh said...:

    ibong adarna indeed! I'm sure your hubby's sooo proud of you and grow more in love to you everytime you sing for him:)

    thanks for visiting my entry:)

  1. sHeNgKaY said...:

    hi ibang adarna!
    thats so sweet!

  1. K said...:

    you have the sweetest voice i've heard in weeks, i swear! and serenade, methinks, will never go out of style, especially for a voice like yours! gosh. i'm in love with your voice! and i'm pretty sure your husband loved the song you sang for him to bits :)

  1. Mommy Trish said...:

    very sweet gesture of love. some people may find it cheesy but it's really the sweetest thing you could do for your loved one.

    you sing great! :) thanks for visiting!