VTT Postcard - Day 5 PM - St. Goar, Rhine Valley, Germany

Monday, February 21, 2011
This was our first step into German soil. We travelled through the Autobahn (as they referred to the German highway) and arrived at St. Goar just before dinner time.

St Goar is located on the Rhine Valley. It is a very quaint and charming place...and was our stop for that night.

We stayed at Hotel Montag St Goar, which was, I believe, a family-run establishment. The rooms were nice and cozy…..and the beds were wooden with foams on top.

After dinner, we went out to a local winery to do wine-tasting. The winery was located down a big basement where the wine-tasting was to be held. There was a long table in the middle of the room, where we could sit and listen to the owner talk about how they harvest wines in the Rhine Valley. We each had a glass tot from which the white wines were poured into. The owner gave a little background to each white wine as they were poured to us.

I am not much of an alcohol drinker. In fact, I have very low tolerance of alcohol. But that night, I managed to down 3 ¼ tot of white wine. Well, okay, I did not realize that I was already drunk until I was, if I am making any sense?

The first 2 tots were sweet and tasted like grape juices to me. I admit, I did not even feel the alcohol hit coming. Only when I drank the 3rd one did I realize that I was already drunk. Hic! But I continued drinking the nicer 3rd wine, something about being made from Ortega grapes.

The 4th tot did not fill the glass at all. It was more like a ¼ tot. We were served ice wines and from what I can remember, apparently these wines were so expensive and very difficult to make as you needed the right conditions to harvest them properly. So we were given a smaller quantity but who cares? Delicious! Hic! again.
I am as red as my handbag. Although drunk, I still had time to smile for the cameras.
Afterwards we went back to the hotel. I tried accessing the internet through the computers that were available at the hotel lobby. It was 1 Euro for 10 minutes. And heck! I had a few coins. Lemme check some emails and Facebook.

That was when I was confronted with the German keyboard. What the…? The y and z were interchanged and I had to key in some funny combination to get the @ in. What a mission! I swear I must’ve spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get my yahoo email address and password in that in the end, I just gave up. I logged onto Facebook (which also took me a few minutes) and decided to email people from there. 5 Euros went down just like that. More importantly, almost an hour for checking emails? You’ve gotta be kidding me.
My nemesis in my drunken state, hehehe....
I complain about this now but it dawned on me as I walked up the stairs to my room that night that maybe I had been a bit too tipsy from all the white wine that I couldn’t type or comprehend what I was typing properly?

I went straight to sleep as soon as I got to my room. And that’s when the bedbugs decided to sleep with me. I did manage to kill the d#*&#!% bug (Sorry, animal cruelty, I did not mean to squash it with my body weight. It was in the way.). And proceeded to sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.

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    you are really drunk because of your reddish face. happy day!