VTT Postcard - Day 6 AM - St Goar, Rhine Valley, Germany

Monday, February 28, 2011
We got up early on this day to get ready to leave St Goar. Before leaving, TM advised us that some of the shops near the hotel decided to open shop for us (at such an ungodly hour as 7am) so that we could explore what St Goar had to offer.

First up was the beerstein shop that was just next to the hotel. The shop sold beersteins of all shapes and sizes. They even made one up for the Contiki group with all the countries that we were visiting and this beerstein was known as the….Contiki beerstein (what else?) They also sold limited edition Berlin Wall beersteins that had a piece of the wall on its lid.
Berlin Wall beersteins

So while the others were browsing through beersteins and such, my eye caught a set of 3 luggages. As there was still no word about my wayward luggage after 6 days, I was seriously contemplating buying a new luggage already. I was tired of lugging my clothing plastic packets and really needed more than a hand luggage to carry stuff around. So I bought the largest suitcase of the set and felt happy. Shopping does that, I suppose. Shopping for something large, even better. Albeit it was still empty when it was loaded onto the bus.

St Goar’s claim to fame was a huge free-standing cuckoo clock that was in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest. 

Largest cuckoo clock in the whole wide world

We left St Goar and went our merry way onto Munich.

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