Girls Talk - Ain't Doing That!

Thursday, February 24, 2011
This week, we touch on the subject of what we are all willing to do for love. Almost every answer would return an "Anything" or "Everything". And that would be it. I suppose it would be a very short post if I told you I would say the same thing.

So I would say the more pertinent question would be what am I not willing to do for love? Here's my tiny 5 of what my hubby probably wished he knew before loving a dynamite like me:

5. Ain't gonna learn to eat funny stuff for you - Nosiree! Sorry but that's definitely out of my list of things to impress. I care about the wellbeing of my stomach too much to just put anything in my mouth. You want a girl who'll eat anything for you, you can probably find her on Survivors or Fear Factor.

4. No to postpone my travel plans just for you - okay, so maybe if it was just a walk in the park or a trip to the mall, I can make the exception and we can do something exciting (like go to the grocery store together, hahaha). But if we are talking about major international travelling on the cards, I think I'd die if I have to give up such plans and waste money already spent. Travel ain't cheap, and I ain't impractical.

3. Not serving you hand and foot daily - because let's be realistic, there has been many a report screaming that I have not been domesticated all this time. And to think that I'd ever be a Stepford wife now would be pure suicide on your part.

2. Would never give up being a working girl - well, as much as I love you, dear, we need to eat and survive. Even if I was earning minimum wages, I'd feel much better if I am sharing financially in the relationship as well. I'm not stomping on your manhood, I am just giving in my small contribution. I believe we should eat and survive...together.

1. Would never ever be your dream girl - Yes, that's right. Your dream girl is a myth. I am a real life partner with my own set of scars and baggages, stupidity and moodiness, et al included. Love me for my imperfections and all I can promise is I shall do the same.

So I guess, in hindsight, this list also answers "what we are willing to do for love". For me, it would probably read "Almost practically, realistically anything within my imperfect powers".

This is my share for Girls Talk this week about what we're willing to do for love.

14 caring thoughts:

  1. zoan said...:

    whew, that was FUN. I mean hey, most of the people who have GT entries have positive way of sharing their thoughts about the things they are willing to d for love:)

    mine is up here:

  1. Haruyuki said...:

    Very practical. I like :)

    And Happy GT!

    P.S I totally agree on the eating of funny stuffs for him :)

  1. genny said...:

    ang bigat! well said mj...i enjoyed reading your entry. napatawa ako after. thumbs up! happy GT!

  1. Ohh this entry is the very unique one. Such a very loud impressions you've there. I am so impress with how you turned the negative into still positive di ba..

  1. imriz said...:

    agree with zoan, it was negatively FUNNY. i am voting u have the best entry...sshhhh ^_^

    don't stop writing good posts, girl!

    tnx for ur comment at my gt entry (balatsibuyas)

  1. anne said...:

    Now because he loves you, he must take all that hehehe visiting here through GT!

  1. kim said...:

    oh! that was a cunning post, lol!

  1. SO cool and so true... i can relate on the last part lol, honey thought i was his dream girl until we got married lol

    have a nice weekend dear :)

  1. darly said...:

    whoa, talk about being different. Atta gurl :)

    Have a great weekend girl, here's my entry hope you'd check it out

    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  1. seiri said...:

    such an honest type... :)

  1. aine said...:

    thumbs up for you gurl, i enjoyed your post! :)

  1. AC said...:

    hahaha!!! I had a good laugh while reading... =)
    as per hubby's surprise, I bet he'll jump for joy! LOL!
    followed you here sis. =)

  1. K said...:

    so true! how i love it when you tell it like it is, no pretensions, no drama. and yes, no matter how much we love our husbands, we should never stop being "us", because it's what drew them to us in the first place :)