Girls Talk - I Gotta Feeling

Thursday, March 24, 2011
The ultimate in feel-good songs as contained in The Soundtrack Of My Life. Who can resist not singing with the Black Eyed Peas?

This song holds a very special place in my heart. I remember when it became big here in South Africa, I was going through a rough patch at work. This tune became my anthem as I made the decision to move jobs. And through a lot of angst and stress, I made it out alive. I truly believe it was all because of this song and how it changed the way I felt about the whole situation. Of course, it doesn't hurt now to realise that I've made the right decision at the time.

So everytime I hear it on the radio on the odd occasion nowadays, it brings a very big smile to my face. I feel at peace, I feel positive, I feel really, really, really good.......and all because I got the feeling (Wooo-hooo :-))

For music that makes you smile, check out Girls Talk today.

10 caring thoughts:

  1. Sarah A. said...:

    :) Nice song pick there..

    Here's mine

    Sarah A.

  1. lyzacruz88 said...:

    napasayaw ako dun ah! lol!

    here's mine

  1. Hazelicious929 said...:

    I love this song. Makes me wanna dance. Mine is up - My Happy Song

  1. kim said...:

    like Black Eyed Peas myself!

  1. genny said...:

    nice pick....very lively. happy GT!
    btw, mind to follow me here?? thanks!

  1. Avi said...:

    yeah! I so LOVE this song! It makes me feel good too! I first heard it in Chipmunks the Pipsquel. I gotta a feeling it's a good night...I think it's one of the rare repetitive songs that gives you the brain itch but actually like it! Thanks for the drop!

  1. K said...:

    i can dance to this all day long! and your post made me smile as well! glad this song got you through that not-so-pretty episode of your life :)

  1. darly said...:

    dance song namin ito ng aking li'l daughter, we both love BEP (by the way she's only 3)

    Have a great week ahead girl, here's my funny song if you haven't visited me yet
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  1. Rossel said...:

    i love this song too.

    hmmm...are we of the same age? i think i am older, sis. =) thanks for visiting my entry.

  1. Mars said...:

    Nice song choice! Party mode! ^_^

    Sorry for the delayed visit. Mine's here in case you haven't visited it yet. ^_^ Happy GT!

    Mars @ The Life Encounters