DIY FYI: My Kitchen Needs A Facelift

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Hubby and I have recently been mulling over whether to renovate or remodel our kitchen. This has always been my complaint when we first moved into our home. The kitchen was very outdated and looked dreary. Ugh!

We have now decided to rather remodel the kitchen as the quotes we got for renovating (meaning just adding a few extra cupboards and getting new doors) would cost just a wee bit less than for remodelling (meaning take out everything and start from scratch). There was really not too much of a difference. Heck! To tell the truth, the thought of getting a BRAND NEW kitchen excited me more than just replacing some cupboard doors. Really. There's no contest.

We plan to start this project during the Easter break and hopefully, we will finish putting in all the bits and pieces in one long week. We have already started purchasing the new equipment that we will put in with the kitchen units and next week, we will most likely get the cupboards made and delivered. Only thing left to do would be to put it all in.

So here I am taking one last picture of our "old" kitchen.
Don't really like it that the cupboards don't go all the way up to the ceiling
I shall be posting updates on the new kitchen look once it is in :-)

A little last note: Hubby is a little grumpy because I keep saying "WE" on this post when it is really "I" who wanted to change the kitchen. Plus HE'll be doing all the work and I'll just be supervising. So he says I must just note it here.

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