Weighing In: Week 1 For The Food Diarist

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
This past weekend (Okay,  it would be the last weekend before this past by the time I publish this post), my hubby broke the most cardinal of all sins. He commented on my ever-expanding hips. This is of course, a slight jab at the bigger picture, which is my weight gain.

Now to tell you the truth, I don't think that I look all that bad although some kind of insecurity is already starting to creep in. I've been slowly gaining weight through the years despite all my efforts which is leading to my depression and frustration. And my husband's words did not help any to drive this insecurity away.

So again this week, I start with my watch.

I am watching what I eat. Again. I am feeling hungry. All the time. Again. Ugh!

But hey, I thought I'll just start writing up what I've been taking in so as not to forget if I've botched up somewhere to deserve this double layer of thighs. Sorta like a tell-all post. Naughty, naughty.

Or it could get kinda boring with just a list of foods and workouts. Blah, blah, blah. And then a final bleh!

On the Sunday before I started this food diary, I weighed myself and noted that I am 9kgs over my "what I'd like to be" weight.

Monday - breakfast - Kellogg's all bran flakes with one piece banana and low fat milk
Monday - lunch - leftover spaghetti carbonara (spaghetti, bacon pieces, mozarella cheese)
Monday - dinner - brown rice and pork adobo (marinade)
Monday - late night snack - mango

Tuesday - breakfast - 15 pieces of Lay's potato chips (sweet thai chilli flavour)
Tuesday - brunch - Kellogg's All Bran flakes with one piece banana and low fat milk
Tuesday - lunch - calamari wrap (grilled calamari with tomato, mayo, red pepper wrapped)
Tuesday - workout - run/walk for 21 minutes (118 cal) and 12 minutes on the stepper (86 cal)
Tuesday - dinner - brown rice and beef nilaga (stew)
Tuesday - late night snack - handful roasted nuts

Wednesday - breakfast - 200g boiled peanuts
Wednesday - lunch - medium order of McDonalds 6pc McNuggets with french fries and a Coke Zero and an Oreo Mcflurry (my midweek guilty pleasure)
Wednesday - dinner - 200g stir-fried beef pieces, one plum
Wednesday - late night snack - handful roasted nuts

Thursday - breakfast - 200g boiled peanuts
Thursday - lunch - hot strips and spicy rice
Thursday - dinner - brown rice and sauteed green beans and 250g fried pork chop

Friday - breakfast - 200g boiled peanuts
Friday - lunch - quarter grilled marinated chicken
Friday - afternoon snack - plum
Friday - dinner - brown rice and pork mince with pieces of potatoes

Saturday - breakfast - Kellogg's All Bran flakes with one banana and low fat milk
Saturday - workout - 1 hour aerobics class (Step)
Saturday - lunch - mega seafoods - fish, calamari, prawns...you name it, we had it (and yes, it was at a restaurant. another guilty pleasure. boo hoo hoo)
Saturday - dinner - pig out with 150g of salty snack

Sunday - workout - 30mins swimming
Sunday -breakfast - chicken and mushroom pie
Sunday - lunch - one plum
Sunday - dinner - pancit palabok (mixture of boiled eggs, fish, squid on spaghetti) + barbecued pork

By the way, I weighed in on Sunday morning and found that I lost 1.3kgs :-) Don't think it's for eternity though. As it is in the morning and I usually pick up a few kilos during midday. But it's still certainly something. 7.7kgs more to go.

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