VTT Postcard - Day 7 PM - Innsbruck, Austria

Monday, March 21, 2011
A very uneventful bus trip as we made our way to Innsbruck, Austria.

Innsbruck is nestled just under the Alps and is best known to ski holidaymakers. We arrived at around 4pm. We went around the town and saw the Landestheater, the Hofburg, the Town Tower and of course, the Golden Roof.
The Golden Roof
First stop, TM took us to the Swarovski shop for some displays of crystal. Afterwards, we were allowed to roam around the city on our own.

I had a fun time looking around for souvenirs because Christmas market was being held on the streets of Innsbruck. We also had a bit more time to explore and so I had the chance to taste a real Sacher Torte.
The original (?) Sacher Torte
Eventually, we were taken to our hotel, Hotel Dollinger. Because it was a regular stop for ski lovers, the hotel operated much like a ski lodge (not that I would know, I don’t ski in my parts of the woods).

I stayed in for the night. Again, this was an early night, but finding out that the hotel had laundry service, I spent my evening in Innsbruck washing and drying (what little I have of) my clothes.

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