Novice Blogging - Note #21 (Tweeting Blog)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
I must admit that Twitter hasn’t made very much of an impression on me. I’ve seen most of what Facebook can do and Twitter, to me, seems very bland in comparison. Still, I have no doubt that like Facebook, it is one of the most powerful social networking tools around.

I signed up on Twitter and mainly use it to promote posts on my blog. Much like NetworkedBlogs, it helps me distribute my posts to my readers, whichever network or platform they are accustomed to.

To sign up for Twitter, you'll just have to be creative and choose a unique username. Once signed up, you can tweet away. Most smartphones nowadays are linked to Twitter and this is probably why a lot of people use twitter to be connected all the time, real-time.

As previously discussed, I've linked my NetworkedBlog blog post pull to my Twitter account so as soon as my post is published, it is pulled into NetworkedBlog (for Facebook posting) and then it is pulled into Twitter (as a tweet with a link).

I have yet to explore more about the other features that Twitter can offer. Anything for the blog, I suppose.

Can any of you provide some more Twitter pointers for me?

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